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- Our Story -

We’re just going to come out with it. Bears make the decisions around here. They pick out the ingredients, create new flavors and taste-test every batch of granola we make. Nothing goes out the door before it gets their bear stamp of approval.

Now you may be thinking, why? Employing wild, unpredictable animals seems like a terrible business plan. Sure, we admit sometimes things can get a little awkward, like when casual Fridays become naked Fridays and when the company picnic is BYOB (bring your own bees). But the truth is, the bears keep us honest. Their instincts always point them to the highest quality foods found in the wild. Newfangled food science and unfamiliar ingredients scare and confuse our bears, turning them from jovial, happy-go-lucky granola makers into the scary bears Hollywood actors wrestle with to win awards. So when we say keeping our granola good and wholesome is in our best interest, we’re not just talking about brand image.

Plus, they have some pretty good ideas. Like who would think to mix cacao and cashew butter? That’s classic bear blue-sky thinking. You will now be able to recycle your granola bag at stores. To find a store nearest you please check