Blazing Our Own Trails

Bear Naked was born when two individuals had a raw, unstoppable craving. A craving for more. More adventure. More life. More joy. More now. And a better, natural way to fuel it all.

So they set out on an epic adventure. An adventure to find the absolute best nourishment this world has to offer. Soon, others joined them. And they became we...or... us. You get the idea. And who are we? A clan of forever-explorers who believe that everything can be made more awesome.

Even granola?

Yep. You heard us, especially granola. That’s why we don’t just bring great-tasting ingredients together. We look far and wide, high and low, to discover the earth’s most thoughtful combinations. Then we enjoy them exactly as they are. Uncomplicated. Delicious. And we push on, knowing there’s so much out there that’s untapped, unexplored, and uncharted: The great outdoors just waiting to be devoured.

So here’s a big, tribal call out to all those who live simply, wholly and awesomely – to those who live Bear Naked. You’re invited to join our epic adventure. Where will it take us? Who knows. What will come next? Anything. But we won’t stop until we get the absolute most from every single moment. You with us?

Then grab a bag. Let’s go.